Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monex is a scam

Do not trust Monex, the company that buys and sells gold. Check out Monex on the BBB and you will see the truth.- To all those who have already invested with Monex may I say that I am truly sorry and I feel your pain.

I went to them wanting a bar of gold and was promised 4 bars for the price of 1. After sending them the money, I found out that they had put me into a financing plan for the four bars. They call this owning the four bars for the price of one? I tried to get out but gold was down and I didn't want to suffer the 1600 dollar loss. Had they given me what I had asked for, my loss would have only been 400 dollars.

All I wanted from them was a bar of gold to have in my possession. Mark Ladenheim talked me into financing much more, when Monex claims that my transactions are "self directed". If the transactions are in fact self directed, why did Monex change what I originally asked for, which was a 10 oz bar of gold bullion?

All I can say is watch out, they are sharks and they know how to con people.